back to the Black Table

It's springtime, and I'm in a sentimental mood. I might be dead on the inside 99 percent of the time, but even I become a softhearted sucker for a few days when May rolls around. Birds are chirping. People are shedding their bulky winter jackets. And once again, things are looking up for the young, single hopefuls of NYC. In honor of the kick-off of the Booty Season of this great city, this week, for once, let's celebrate some real, actual, Missed Connections. You know, the reason why this message board exists, and all.

You can thank me later, but I have taken it upon myself to play Missed Connections Matchmaker this week. You all post on this board. You're all single. I know I'm not the first to ask … why not just hook up with each other?

I've picked out a few posts that I consider "real." And I've matched them up with other brave posters who deserve nothing less than a freaking connection already. I think I might be onto something here.

Take this post, for example…

To the cute boy at Ataris show Friday night (thanks)

We stood next to each other for the entire Ataris set and were subtly watching each other

We should definitely hang out at another show sometime, maybe smaller venues in the LES

Now, as far as I'm concerned, this is the definition of a Missed Connection. This chick is making a ballsy move trying to find this guy, and hot damn, it's May, they should friggin' find each other.

However, not to get all Little Miss Harsh Reality on you or anything, but come on, things don't always work out. Some connections are just not meant to be made. In the event that the cute boy at the Ataris show doesn't find his way back to her, I'm thinking she might be a good match for this guy.

@ Mike Watt - Sat.night - Thanks 4 the beer! (m4w)

Wanted to talk to you more but didn't want to yell at you over the music. We had a somewhat private Madonna joke and caught each others grins. You disappeared shortly after buying me a quality beverage.

They both like music. They both like going to shows. They both read Craigslist. Who's with me here?

How about this one-could this be any more perfect?

Check this.

Remedy Bar last night

I am the guy who was sitting alone writing at the bar. You were at a fundraiser for your triathletic friend. She did not invite me to join your party, but I wish that she would have.

Now get a load of this one.

Cute guy with glasses, alone, reading, smiling - w4m

You were sitting alone, reading and drinking one of those Vitamin waters (I think?) at DTUT, Monday evening around 6:30. I wish I had been alone so I could have said hi and asked what you were reading that made you smile. I'm single and would love to know who you are!

Come on people … are they not freaking perfect together? She likes the mysterious writer guy types who sit alone at bars reading dog-eared novels, looking aloof, hot and brainy! He fancies himself a Hemingway-type! Is this not just fantastic?

Now, I'm not advocating that you all go out there and start sending people emails along the lines of "Hey, you sound hot in your ad. Let's get it on." But then what's the moral of this story, you ask? Well, gentle readers, there are missed connections everywhere if you open your eyes to them. This board, in and of itself, is full of them.

Eh, fuck it. Enough of this sentimental bullshit. Get on out there and get humpin!



Amy Blair is eager to be called horrible names on Craig's List. Bring it.