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What the fuck is up with Rants and Raves?

For a simple girl like myself, a new section on craigslist, admittedly, got me pretty excited. Maybe a little too excited, but that's another story. Anyway, so I checked it out for the first time the other day, full of innocent, exuberant Mormon-on-my-wedding-night joy, unsure of what to expect, but definitely certain that this should have been happening a long time ago. Things got even more exhilarating when I clicked on it and received the following disclaimer:

unless all of the following 4 points are true, please use your "back" button to exit this part of craigslist:

  1. I am at least 18 years old.
  2. I understand rants and raves may include patently offensive content.
  3. I am not bothered by patently offensive content.
  4. By clicking on the rants and raves link below, I will have released and discharged the providers, owners and creators of this site from any and all liability which may arise from my use of the site.

Curl my toes, Brigham Young, Hallelujah, off we go!

I then clicked on the first post I saw.

Williamsburg=the poor persons manhattan

nuff said , it sux.

And, friends, I knew that I was home again.

However, the more thoroughly I delved into Rants and Raves, the more my exuberance waned. This new section, as highly anticipated as it was, really shit the bed. Like the Yankees' 2002 postseason … like passing out drunk during foreplay … like that overrated crapfest, The Corrections … you can file Rants and Raves, for now at least, under Big Letdown.

Five out of six posts were racist diatribes intended to-what-incite some kind of web geek virtual race riot? If I wanted that shit, I'd pack up my computer, shave my head, tattoo a swastika on my forearm, and move to Alabama. This shit's not funny. It's not interesting. And it's pissing me off.

I mean, we're all for free speech, and whatnot. But, seriously, take it to the KKK forum where someone might find it interesting. I'm going back to Missed Connections, where there are at least still some posts that amuse me. Rants and Raves isn't even laughably stupid. It's just plain stupid.

For those not following along, here's the difference:

From Missed Connections, something laughably stupid:

sex starved female on train - m4w

You were going to school, and showed me that you were very horny by your eyes and brushing up against me on the uptown F train, that was full of people.I got off at 23th street, but you continued on. I was shy and didn't get a good look at you, except that you were wearing a black mini skirt. Well now i know that i want you.

Now, from Rants and Raves, something just plain stupid:

Spics in Park Slope

I can't speak for the spics in Ozone Park but I do have a bone to pick with a couple of spics in Park Slope. How can you be so dirty, disrespectful, and downright savage that you soil your own block with filthy shit that your filthy spic dog excretes in disgusting amounts because you probably feed it fast food. You're animals. Clean up after yourselves.

I would like to clarify that when i write spic I mean most specifically Pueto Rican and perhaps Dominican and some other island peoples. I don't mean Mexican or South American.

On behalf of my spic friends in Park Slope, thanks for sharing.

Again, something laughably stupid from Missed Connections:

Do you look good naked? mc with my modesty!!

Some people think they do and others don't. All are welcome to come over and we'll all see. My place can only handle 8 people. And I really mean this.

And, in contrast, something just plain stupid from Rants and Raves:

Worst thing about Manhattan, and the most obvious !...

The overall abundance of the jewboy israelite tribesman. My tendancy is to flip them the bird, just hope more will join the cause. Good day, to believers of non-religious brainwash. ..Simply put..

In general, having a section on craigslist called "rants and raves" is a little like naming your daughter "Chastity." You're practically begging for disappointment. And thus, sadly enough, I have to agree with this poster:

Attn: Craigslist USERS

PRESS RELEASE: 7/15/03 11:57 AM - New York, NY

Upon review of the posts accumulated since the inception of Craigslists 'Rants & Raves', it has become apparent to management that we misjudged our demographics. To accommodate those who frequent this board we have unanimously decided to choose a name that best reflects its users and their mindsets.

The new name is IDIOTS & MORONS

Thank you.

Anyway, so much for my Mormon-on-my-wedding-night excitement. Rants and Raves is a fucking bore.

Hey, did you hear the one about the Morman with 17 wives? One more and he'd have a golf course. Wocka Wocka.

For fuck's sake.


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