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I used to smoke a shitload of pot. And like most people that have smoked a shitload of pot, I think the stuff's just swell. However, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why any pot-smoking adult with half a shred of decency would possibly refer to it as "420."

It's just soooo nerdy.

I know that once you're all grown up and you're out of school, being cool is not supposed to matter anymore. But whenever I see people write "420," I suddenly turn into Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds and I want to shout at the top of my lungs "NERRRRRRRRRRRDS!"

Call me the playground bully all you want, but there's no chance that this geek is playing on my dodgeball team:

dying to enjoy some 420 before beddy bye bye. Who's interested?

1. My friends and I, inspired by Cypress Hill, used to call it "Mary Jane" in the early 90s. We were, like, 15, and therefore legally retarded. We also thought that this was very sneaky. It was not.

2. "Beddy bye bye." Need I say more?

I would like to think that this guy is just totally 21 Jump Street. But I think that would be giving him too much credit. Not even a narc would be that corny. Plain and simple, he's just a nerd.

Now check out this guy. I love how he pretends that he had plans. I love how he calls himself "a cool guy." Honeypie, give it a rest. You've got Total Poindexter written all over your ad. Trust me, diddums, nobody wants to make it a blockbuster night.

no plans for tonight - gonna chill and 420 - wanna join me? - 29

I am a cool guy living on west82nd and my plans for the night just got cancelled. i know - major bummer. but all is not lost, i'm probably gonna rent a movie and light up a joint. it'd be a lot more fun with some to join me? i'm good looking and in good shape and i have a picture. i'm also smart, funny, and very passionate. look forward to hearing from you.

Here's another "420" fan who I'm sure is really "dope" to hang out with:

My offer to you - 26

420, drinks on me and a King Size bed that is open for the imagination

Let's go ladies.

Me 5'11 185 lbs brown hair, brown eyes, glasses/contacts.

I'm starting at my place and then I will lead you around or go anywhere you wish. I can get down and dance if you want to do that as well.

It wil be a fun night!!!!

Your pic gets mine

Pookie Bear … are you kidding me? As tempting as your generous offer of "420" may be (fucking nerd), only a 13-year old runaway hooker would respond to your post. I have no idea how many 13-year old runaway hookers are cruising craigslist, but if this search doesn't prove to be fruitful, there are some nice spots in the Bronx where a little 420 and a ten-spot will go a long way.

Happy hookering!

Then there's this guy who thinks he's pretty slick because he doesn't call it "420" but sneakily uses "Kind" instead:

hook me up! - 24

I'm new to the area and am looking for a Kind person to hook it up. Graham ave. area if possible. Can't a guy get some for twenty?

Oh boy oh boy, I think I know what he's talking about!

Listen, man. This is New York. You can have that shit DELIVERED by your very friendly neighborhood drug dealer. It's not hard. Lots of people do it. Find yourself a friend, ask him for his hookup and shut the fuck up.

Ok. This is the last word on why people who call it "420" are geeks:

...cerebral, quixotic, wise, centered, artistic, emotionally available, wanton male desired for forays into nights of philosophical discourse, divy bars, aural pleasures, bouts of metaphysical euphoria, single malt scotch, 420, days of languid longing and desire...

Bonus points for very long hair. Don't be married. Your pic with response gets mine. Let's see if we can find middle earth together...we've been apart too long.

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I guess even nerds deserve pot, too.


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