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Before I begin this story, let me stress that all eye-witnesses were amply inebriated, and thus unreliable as such. Keeping that in mind, it may be possible that I charged a group of Red Sox fans outside of Yankee Stadium like an angry bull, and started swinging on Wednesday night. Unprovoked.

The details, to state the obvious, are somewhat hazy. I remember Game 7 of the ALCS starting off well. I was seated comfortably in section 17, Row E, wearing my Yankees winter cap, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a thermal shirt, an undershirt, my Mariano Rivera T-shirt, my Yankees sweatshirt, tights, leggings, jeans, knee socks, wool socks and, of course, my lucky cat socks. I couldn't put my arms down, but I was warm. And, despite the fact that it took me half an hour to peel off all of the layers every time I had to pee … I was happy.

Then the Yankees started playing.

The necessity to drink one meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellion beers became immediately apparent. For some reason that is beyond my understanding, Joe Torre decided to allow Kevin Brown to wear a Yankees uniform. Even more baffling, he decided to allow him to pitch. To add to the string of bizarre behavior, Torre allowed him to throw multiple pitches. It was like a funny joke, except it wasn't. No matter how many times I shouted "let's go Kevin," clicked my heels, rubbed my left elbow six times with my right pinkie finger and prayed to Jesus -- Kevin Brown was crapping his pinstripes on the mound. And Blairsy wasn't taking it well.

In the 8th inning, the tears came. And after the tears, then came the rage.

I'm not sure why I decided to leave my friends and dash into a crowd of elated Red Sox fans, or why, without warning, I started throwing punches. But what I do know, now, for sure, is that I have an anger management problem. I've gone overboard. And, as a result, it's time to leave sports behind for awhile. No more baseball, for sure. No more football (goodbye Tiki and Ronde Barber, I still love you babies!), no more softball (goodbye Remainders, be strong in my absence!) and no more games of Ping Ball with my cat (I'm sorry, dear Pingsy, even you must suffer…).

It's over. I'm done. Me and sports just can't get along. Congratulations, Red Sox, you've done the unthinkable, and now I am a broken, sports-less woman who bitch-slaps 70-year old men in Ortiz jerseys outside of Yankee Stadium. So, to change the subject completely, this week's column will be about a bunch of pathetic, egotistical assholes on craigslist boasting about their excessively inflated salaries.

Cause that, like, has absolutely nothing to do with the Yankees.

Go Cardinals! Cough.

salary - law - m4w - 30

occupation: laywer

Salary: 180k + bonus.

4 weeks vacation. $120 a month to healthcare, $80 gym membership, max on 401k (no employer contribution).

Hours: 9am-8pm M-F, weekends as needed

I'm bored with my job, uninspired, and almost everyone I know who works at a big law firm feels the same. Funny, so many posts by people making less than 100k, how is it that I feel like I'm struggling? With student loans, etc., sometimes I feel like I barely make ends meet. Maybe I'm too worried about paying debt and not living enough. Anyway, the people I work with aren't bad.

good luck to all.

Listen, you sniveling little Fascist monkey, you are making $180,000 a year and you have the cajones to say "I feel like I barely make ends meet?" You poop-eating dirtbag. Did you actually say "Funny, so many posts by people making less than 100k, how is it that I feel like I'm struggling?" Funny? FUNNY? That's not funny, you fuck-twat. Funny is David Ortiz falling in a barrel of chicken dung. Funny is Manny Ramirez accidentally eating a donkey dick, mistaking it for a hot dog. Funny is NOT some douchebag corporate hack complaining that the cost of his gym membership is getting him down.

But thanks for wishing us all luck. We totally appreciate it.

Salary and Such - 28

First off, just want to say that I'm incredibly inspired by this discussion. I read it not as a salary competition, but a reminder that there are so many ways to live in NYC and I don't have to be unhappy and stuck w/ my comfortable job/salary. To all the people who make sub-$50k and are in love with their job, thanks for sharing - it's helping me get past my excuses to realize a love of my own.

28, M
Tech Analyst/Consultant
$105k + bonus, health benefits, 4 wks vaca
give 8% to 401k
Mortgage + maintenance: $1635
Down payment/student loans: $450/month
Remaining credit card debt: $500/month
Cable/Internet: $100
Cell: $50
Misc Saving: $150/month
Netflix: $22
Subway: $70

Total expenses: $3k+ (est.)

I've been in my current company for 5 years and have been trying to get myself to leave for 3...but fear of not being able to make same+ salary and lack of direction keep me here. I know I can cut out a lot of excess in my life, and seeing how some of you live your life so simply and joyously is spurring me to do it. Thanks again for all of your sharing.

You people are killing me here. I'm so frigging glad I could just pee myself that you're so "inspired" by all of these people who make "sub-$50k" and still somehow manage to be "in love with their job." Wow, your epiphany is just, like, soooo beautiful. I mean, you may have to eliminate that gratuitous spending (no more Netflix! Hark!), but to take a lower-paying job and "realizing a love of your own," will be, like, so worth the sacrifice.


I'm in my late 30s, making $79k plus a bonus. I max out my 401k contributions.
Rent, utilities and household stuff: $1100/month
Food: $650-700/month
Entertainment (magazines, videos): $250/month
Clothes & haircuts: $2-3000/year
Gym: $80/month
Travel: $5-6000/year
Health insurance: $35/month
Commute: $70/month

I manage to save money, even when my salary was less, partly because I live within my paycheck and then put my tax refund and bonuses in the bank. I make enough now that I don't totally deprive myself-- but I only allow myself certain luxuries. I try to buy things when they're on sale, clip coupons, don't see movies very often, don't eat out every night or go to bars a lot, don't have cable TV... but I spend a lot on travelling, because it adds a lot to quality of life. What bothers me is that I'd have to give up a lot of the quality of life stuff in order to be able to afford to buy even a studio apartment in Brooklyn.
So I guess what it means is, you can't have it all.
But I don't have any sympathy for people earning $100k who say they can't hack it in NY, unless they are the sole supporter of a family. But if they are, God help them.

Whoa there cowboy -- you spend $650-700 per month on FOOD?! What the fuck are you eating?? If I ate 13 meals a day, I can't imagine that I'd spend more than $250. This boggles the mind. $650-700?? Jesus Christ A'Mighty. That be a helluva lot of food.

In other news, it's so good of you to mention that you have no sympathy for people earning $100k who say they can't hack it in NY. That makes us all feel better. And for that, we thank you for your goodwill towards man.

Anyway, I'm feeling better already now that I've admitted that I have an anger management problem and am working on living my life anger-free. Here's to peace and happiness. I love you craigslisters! Kiss, kiss! Yay for not losing my temper!

And go Cardinals! Chirp, chirp!


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