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Everyone has certain movies that they really, really love. For example, I, for one, could get stoned every single day and watch Friday, and I'd probably die happy. Which is not to say that I actually do get stoned and watch Friday everyday. I'm just saying I really, really like that movie.

That's what separates me (your average movie enthusiast) from the frighteningly obsessed variety of film fans. They'll wake up every morning of their lives and put on their little space suits and watch the same damn sci-fi crap over and over and over and over again. They join fan clubs (and sometimes militias). They collect action figures (beyond the age of twelve). They play roll-playing games (and not just in bed). Possibly most frightening of all … they post on craigslist.

That's right -- it's Star Wars week up in this hizzy.

Some background. I admit I never saw the first two Star Wars prequels (I was coincidentally hung over when they both came out?) but I did wait in line (in the rain) for 6 hours to see Return of the Jedi once upon a time. I was six. I really liked Ewoks. I think that about sums it up.

You were definitely the best looking Padme - m4w

You bumped into me (Jar Jar) while we were waiting on line. I was surprised to see that you were actually decent looking (a rarity amongst Star Wars fans), and I smiled and said, "Meeza so happy to see you suh!" You looked like you were about to say something back when Anakin stepped in between us and gave me a nasty look. You need to ditch that loser, can't you see that he's mean spirited? He's just going to cheat on you and break your heart.

Holla back and maybe you'll get to see my special light saber. Once you go Gungan, you can't go back.

P.S. You should really stop smoking, think about what you're doing to Luke and Leia.

Conversation from 5 minutes ago:

Amy: What's a Padme?
Amy's Boyfriend: It's Natalie Portman's character in Star Wars.
Amy: NERD!
Amy's Boyfriend: Why do I help you?
Amy: NERD!

Star Wars missed connection. May the force bring us back… - m4w - 24

It was the 12:01 showing in UES Manhattan. You were the one with your hair in Leia buns. I was dressed as a Storm Trooper. I went to get some popcorn about T- 30 minutes to the movie's commencement. You stood in line ahead of me and bought a large Diet Coke and Jr. Mints. You said "May the force be with you" to the cashier and as you turned around you grazed the outer casing of my forearm plate. I said, "Pathetic rebel scum" and you smiled back. I'd really like to talk you about my plans for world domination. Or maybe get a cup of coffee sometime.

Awww…nerd love! (Where "pathetic rebel scum" means "I love you"). It warms the heart. Really, it does.

The best place to watch Star Wars in the bay area (hayward / castro valley)

I watched the 12:01am showing at the metro on union street in SF. I got tix weeks before on fandango, but apparently the show was not even sold out. I basically wanted to avoid the teenybopper chaos at the supergigametroplex, even if it meant driving from hayward and dealing with parking in the City. I arrived at close to 10pm, found parking a half block away and *still* got good seats (411 of 600-ish; first row of the upper section right behind the rail, which is just about eye level, left of center). I had never even been to this theater before, but was assured by my friend that it was nice, which I had taken to mean "don't expect much". Suffice it to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The projector and sound were upgraded and optimized just for the release (made would be very evident at the opening battle scene). They had a best costume contest, auctioned off the promotional cardboard standups and had a few people who worked on the show come up for a little show and tell. They had even gave away a few of those deluxe $100 light sabers to people in the line (now I want one). The whole vibe was awesome. The theater was large, clean and comfortable. It reminded me of the time I saw the star wars in 1977 at the coronet. And to top the whole evening off, the movie didn't suck ass like episode 1 and 2. Props to the metro theater on union st. You deserve it.

Wow, an optimized projector?! A costume contest??!! A promotional cardboard stand-up auction??! Show and Tell with the movie theater reel-changers?! THEY EVEN GAVE AWAY A FEW OF THOSE $100 LIGHT SABERS!?!

Be still my beating heart.

Fem Star Wars fans? - m4w (downtown / civic / van ness)

Hi Ladies,

What would you do for a free ticket to the 7pm show of Episode III on opening night? HJ, Bj, got some other sexy creative ideas?

Let me know.

Let's see … I could cough up the ten bucks for a ticket … or I could blow some dude in a Storm Trooper costume to see this movie. What to do? What to do?

Who am I kidding? Throw in some Junior Mints, and I totally swallow.

Seeking exceedingly dorky woman to let me Darth her Vader - 23

So here's the deal. I scored two free tix to Star Wars: Episode III tomorrow night at 7pm. In my dream land, which is not reality, I post an ad on CL and an exceedlingly dorky AND hot woman responds, we go to the movie and thrill over Anakin turning to the Dark Side.

Actually, I don't care if this is a date or not, I just don't want to go by myself! LOL.

So if anyone wants to help me use up this extra ticket, shoot me an email.

You can Obi-Wan my Kenobi any day, but you're sure as hell not Darthing my Vader. Last time that happened I couldn't sit down for a week. That's one lesson I don't need to learn twice, my friend.

Star Wars Fans?

So I have this beautiful Yoda doll that my boyfriend bought me a Celebration 3. Don't wet your pants boys, I'm not selling. I just want everyone to know that there were 78,000 people there and only 500 Yoda Dolls to sell- all of them were numbered and are very rare... AND I GOT #1 of 500!!!! My boyfriend rocks! I love my Yoda. He is sooo perfect and I just had to brag and tell the world how cool I feel. I wish I could let everyone in the world hug him, because that mere gesture would make your day 100 times better.

You people are fucking bananas.


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