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Remember when you were a kid and summer equaled no school, going to some shitty camp for a week in the Catskills, Little League, and endless hours of unsupervised television watching? Man, those were the days…

Now summer means weekends at Coney Island, getting sunburned while blowing your paycheck on "Shoot the Freak," subway cars without air conditioning, and having to deal all day with your (already stinky) co-workers who are now nothing short of insufferably putrid. (It's called DEODORANT people, try it sometime.)

But have no fear, comrades! Craigslist is here to provide us with some truly excellent ways to beat the summer heat. And I'm not talking about bicycles, boats, or barbeques (this is Craigslist, afterall). Drop your swim trunks, bust out the K-Y and prepare to get sand embedded in your butt crack. It's summertime with Craig!

looking for fun in the sun - mw4ww - 22

me and my male friend are looking for a group of women to get sun tans or sun burns on our roof. sun screen or bronzer will be provided, cancer is optional. me and my male friend, Brain, are extreeeemely attractive, if you are not, feel welcome to attend, but you might end up feeling bad about yourself, or your body type as a result. looking foreward to fun in the sun.

Note to self: From now on, whenever I invite people to a party, MUST remember to include a clause stating that if you are not "extreeeemely attractive" you are welcome to attend but you might end up feeling bad about yourself or your body type as a result. That will totally weed out the uglies and the fatties!!

Man, you and your male friend "Brain" are fucking awesome. Cancer is optional!

I Want to Sunbath - Do you have a place?


I would love to find a place nearby to get naked and take in some sun. Nude beaches are a hell hike to get to so i thought there might be a guy or guys who have a yard, roof etc where i can get some rays.

I'm cool with a guy or guys being around just to chat or for the company as long as they are doing the same.....Please let me know....would be willing to give a few bucks and hopfully if its a cool privite home roof or similar something it will be more then just today

ME, 34, 6FT 167 BALD HEAD


guy looking for a quicky
a small balcony
some guy peeking ( lots of wierdos around here)

Call me crazy, but if there was a 6' tall, bald dude laying naked on my roof, I'd probably call the police. I've seen this sort of thing on Cops before, and it never turns out pretty.

Weekend Beach Party - Anything goes - July 21, 22 and 23 - mw4mw - 30

Casual Encounters Parties all weekend July 21, 22 and 23.

All three nights a ratio of men to women will not exceed 50/50.

House is located on the beautiful Jersey shore, right on the beach.
You must be 25 and over!

These parties are for Straight men and women.

Everything will be available, you need only bring the shirt on your back.

Anything goes, but be respectible.

If you are interested in attending, please email me with your age, description and a recent photo. Parties are limited to 40 people per night. Beds are available for overnight stay.

I will contact everyone via email regarding the night they will be invited to attend. If you want multiple nights or you have a preference, please let me know.

Please also include your likes and dislikes and the type of person you would be willing to hook up with at the party. I will try to accomidate all attendees ahead of time so that everyone has a good time.

Ladies, after you are invited, I will email you information regarding the male attendees and introduce you prior to the weekend so that you may communicate with them if you like.

Parties are booking up fast, please don't hesitate.

Please read Deposit information

Deposits - Men $500
Ladies $0

Men - Most of your deposit will be returned to you within 3 days after the party. The deposit is required for the following reasons:

$100 - off set my costs for the house (Non Refundable)
$400 - Damage insurance - All deposits will be grouped together. Any damage that occurs during the party you have attended will be paid for with this fund. The remaining balance will be refunded evenly to the male attendees

This fee also ensures a higher class of attendee.

Let me guess -- you want these guys to meet you at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel this weekend with $500 in an envelope with their preferences for what kind of person they would like to hook up with (a totally hot chick with huge titties!!!) listed on the outside. Then you'll email them on Monday with directions to the house and pictures of some of the babes they're totally going to bang (wink, wink).

The sad thing? I bet at least one or two morons will actually fall for this.

And last but not least, cover the children's eyes…

...... Looking to meet new Friends at Gunnison Beach ...... - 45

I'm looking to meet some Cool, open minded new Friends that Enjoy Gunnison Beach. I've been going their for many years. Its a Great Safe Place to enjoy the sun.. If your interested get back.

I'm going tomorrow Monday. The weather is suppose to be Great. Then Hurricane Dennis is coming..

Honey, if your name is Dennis, we'll all be taking shelter from the storm. Can someone PLEASE explain to me again why they let people post pictures on craigslist? Trust me…we didn't need to see that.

See you all at Coney Island! I'll be the sunburned asshole shooting the freak.

God, I love summer.


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