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It's Labor Day weekend, craigslisters, and as summer draws to a close, most everyone can be assured that they're going to have to start dealing with the sudden influx of little brats, teenage monsters, and college newbies clogging the streets and subways in the morning as they take their first tentative steps back to school.

As a result, kids and adults alike can agree on one thing this week: the overwhelming need to have one last string of Less-Than-Zero-like days before returning to the grind with the turn of the calendar to the autumn.

Do me a favor and party like rock stars this weekend. Tuesday morning will be inexplicably cold, and your commute will be filled with snot-nosed morons heading back to school.

Let's all just be thankful that we don't have to get a pass written out to go to the bathroom anymore … oh, school. How I miss thee.


There has got to be some hot college kids in Slope for the Summer. I posting this to see if any of you wanna fool around before you head back to school. Up for anything Mild to Wild. Can get into kink or whatever but it not necessary. I have my own place, right off the park or I could come to you. If your not going away to school but live in the area, that's also good.

5'11"/175 Irish-American guy here. I go to the gym fairly regularly but am not a bulked out muscle head, just trim and toned. STD free (recently tested) Drug free, except 420-friendly. I'm not desperate or a freak, and of course it's all about mutual attraction and chemistry right? So, hit me up with a picture and some stats if interested. No picture and one line responses will most likely be ignored.

I want to get me freak on! I want to get me freak on! Oh wait, sorry…

Um, this guy really grosses me out. Granted, college "kids" (as he calls them) ARE over eighteen…but yet there's something really nasty about using the word "kids" and "can get into kink or whatever" in the same sentence.

Ps. No pictures and one-line responses will most likely be ignored? Listen, Tarzan, I'm not sure if you can afford to be picky.

Back to school clothes! - 40

Sugar daddy wants to take you shopping for back to school outfits.... Pics a must....

Again, I am going to vomit.

Although, if you're willing to play along that I'm young enough to be a student, I'm more than happy to let you buy me some new boots, a couple of pairs of jeans, a few sweaters, and a coat. I so have no principles.

Back to school extravaganza

Do you want to read eachother dirty french novels and nibble on bonbons? Or perhaps dress up like pirates and steal people's souls? I'm an old 24. Real FIT and easy on the eyes, mine are blue. Extremely laid-back, surfer's state of mind. Other adventures that I enjoy: P.S.1, bike rides, thrift store browsing, Stanely Kubrick flicks, far away places, and driving fast. I don't care if your femme or a boi just be cheeky & super cute;) Your pic gets mine!

I hate when I'm reminded of this element of NY when I least expect it. Unfortunately, I fully expect to bump into this person dressed like a pirate sooner rather than later (most likely when I fall asleep on the L Train and accidentally wake up in Williamsburg). Because it's, like, ironic to dress like a pirate! Oh, and your other adventures? P.S.1's devotees tend to be kind of annoying, the Critical Mass/Ride or Die attitude of so many bike riders in New York has gotten out of control, thrift store browsing is NOT an adventure, Kubrick is dead, I'm guessing traveling with you would be trifling, and I'd be scared to let you drive. Oh, and does anyone else doubt that every single craigslist poster, as they all claim, is easy on the eyes? Yarrr, maty!

Please Summer, go away so i can be in peace..

i hate you summer..i hate bring out the worst of my neighborhood. Inconsiderate assholes who thinks everyone wants to listen to their fucking salsa at 12 in the morning, when some have to work the next day, the sounds of their dominoes and loud ass laughter makes me want to hang my self-i live on the first floor.. Fuck you summer, for making some women think they look good in tube tops or bathing suits..go away summer, i can't take the catcalling of stupid men everytime i wear a skirt, but little do they know that the hot weather is making my thighs chafe..I cant take the congregation of teenagers at every corner summer, so please Summer, take your ass to another country.. Damn you summer, go away..send the stupid kids back to school, i can't take it how they hang outside, even the 6 year olds. Fuck you summer, my electricity bill is over the top..How i long for the quiet winter days when everyone is too cold to even talk or step outside..Hell to you summer, you make my hair frizzy, i have to double up on deodorant, and i have to bear with the men who stare down my chest when i wear a tanktop-you make me feel skanky..
..Leave summer, you are a bitch..

Okay, many valid points here, but you forgot the New York smell, the hot, nasty oncoming subway blast of air while you're waiting for your train every morning, the increased apartment bug presence, the constant film of sweat on you no matter what you are doing…

But you know what? Fuck it. Summer beats the misery of post-Holidays winter in New York by a mile. In fact, overall it's kind of great. So stop trying to get Summer to hustle to its end and enjoy this last summer weekend this Labor Day.

Thigh-chafing, and all.


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