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I used to have a really nasty, Jersey temper. (It's a proven fact: All people from New Jersey have a touch of the crazy in them). I'm also a Yankees fan. And right now we're on the cusp of post-season psychosis here in New York, and, like last year, I've got a pair of ALCS Game 4 tickets burning a hole in my pocket.

To recap, last year I had the same exact tickets, and let's just say, things didn't turn out quite as I would have hoped for Los Jankees. So this year I have decided to try a different approach. This year, instead of spreading the Red Sox Hate, I'm spreading the Yankees Love. The Yanks, after all, are downright underdogs this year! They've got cute little players like Robinson Cano and Bubba Crosby! (How could you not love a man named Bubba?!). I'm going to go so far as to say that the Yankees = Love. That's right. If you were with the Yankees on Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, they'd totally shoot you in the ass with an arrow.

In summary: Love me, love the Yankees. Without further ado, let's get to booty-pokin'. This is craigslist, after all. Post-season style.

hey ladies lets go to bryant park and watch the yanks and fly away - 21

hey there my name is Chris I am just looking for seom cool girl to chill with and go to bryant park with and watch the yankees game.

Despite this man's limited command of the English language, I am able to decipher (barely) that he wanted a date to go with him to watch the Yankees game that they were showing in Bryant Park. I can only assume that he wanted to "fly away" with the "seom cool girl" in question because he's semi-retarded, he's taken a lot of drugs, he should be institutionalized, or he's a pilot. In any case, it's a Yankees game! This date sounds totally sexy!

masc guy for mutual j/o, oral - 34

good lookin masc guy hangin at home watchin yankees game lookin to kick back with a bud or two for some hot j/o, maybe oral action. chill guy here for same. built and hung thick. host or travel. pic for trade.

Hellooooooooooo, hotstuff! This rules! (Or should I say 'rulz?'). A total closet-case, watching sports (SPORTS!), looking for a 'bud' to jerk off in each others' mouths? Go Yanks!

ISO SWYF (Single, white Yankee Fan) - 28-37 - 39

Looking for cute, sexy, thin SWF to rub for luck as the Yankees try to make the playoffs.

Let's meet, have drinks, watch the games, rout them to World Series, continue through winter and look forward to Spring Training.

I am an attractive SWPM, lives on LI, works in NYC. Let's chat and swap pictures.

I always wanted some dude from Long Island to rub me for luck during baseball games! (Especially if you rub me you-know-where, wink wink). God I love this team.

Yankees Suck! - m4w - 32

I love the White Sox and the Yankees are looking to be a pain in the ass.
So - I'm showing my team spirit by putting my ass on the line -literally.
If the Yankees make the playoffs I'll drive my lilly white ass to NYC, pull down my pants and let any woman who wants to spank me until I cry.
Any Yankees fans out there who want to make the same bet with me?

Sox win Sox win Sox win.

This is so awesome, it hurts. When the Yankees make the playoffs, I will personally bend you over and call you my bitch. Everyone will be happy, order will be restored in the universe, and, did I mention … the Yankees will be in the playoffs? Happy spanky!

Yankees Game Last Night Upper Deck Tier 8 - w4m

You asked me about Tino Martinez's injury and who I was laughing at. You kept saying you weren't trying to pick me up. Oh I wish you were. That guy next to me is just a loser friend. Maybe we can discuss Tino another time?

Aww, this is so cute! He asked you about Tino Martinez's injury while pretending that he wasn't trying to pick you up! Eek! You need to, like, totally track this man down and marry him! Don't just do it for you … do it for Tino!


I couldnt stop looking at you , you have an amazing smile and beautiful eyes and a cute laugh, I got on the uptown 4 train on 42nd st and we both got off on 161st, you was sitting with yoour friend dark hair black shirt and black bag, I was sitting across reading a book with a baldy with a black t shirt and black and white comoflauge sleves with a yankees belt buckle, i doubt you might read this however i would really like to get to know you better, you ask your friend if she was going to drink a beer at the game you said why not 1 coronita ;)

I honestly have no idea what this one meant. But I do know that there's a baldy, a belt buckle and a beer involved … and when you add up those three things you get one outcome: total oral sex on a rooftop in Williamsburg!!!!

And the Yankees are awesome, too.

Yo yankees meatheads - 28

I am a boston boy and I still think we're gonna take it all and the yanks aren't even gonna make the wild card

I'm here to bet that they won't even be able to tie for first place AT ANY TIME THIS MONTH, let alone move up

I'm willing to my money where my mouth is - welllll let's say, I'm willing to put my mouth somewhere for you and your boys if the yanks prove me wrong for even part of one day this month and next.

Masc discrete here - irish, of course

Hey buddy, guess what? The Yankees are in first. Open wide -- here comes your Meathead!

Oh, the Yankees. Can't you just feel the love?


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