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  Amy Blair    

I don't know about you other broads, but personally I like a man who is kind, tender, sweet, thoughtful, affectionate, emotionally available, and who will treat me like an angel, make me his princess, and shower me with love and devotion at all times. He should be drug, alcohol, and disease free, a Maroon 5 fan, and should possess a comfortably deep wallet and an even deeper understanding of my need for semi-regular fine dining. He should look as good in a suit as he does in a T-shirt and jeans. I'd also like to find said gentleman on the internet, and I'd like the arrangement to begin as soon as possible. He should have a knack for picking out diamonds, and ideally, we will begin a family within eighteen months of our meeting.

Thankfully, among all the drug abusers and sexual deviants in the Men Seeking Women section of craigslist, it turns out that there were a whole bunch of eligible bachelors who TOTALLY understand what women want! Feast your eyes, ladies, these guys are really, really sincere. Really!

WOW! This is crazy! - 28

I've just read the guys ads and everybody sounds nuts on here. Guys wanting to buy girls, doms and subs, spankings, pay for play and words I don't even get. It's like a different world out here. I don't even understand most of the lingo. If you just want to know a nice guy who will be most likely not doing much in the next few hours please say hi to me.

Subs and doms and spankers, oh my! It's enough to make a regular old corn-fed gal like me blush. Mercy me, thank goodness there's a fellow out there who is as perplexed as I am about these crazy, newfangled bedroom terms such as "bondage" and "hand job." It's enough to make a girl's head explode!

Will you be my sweet sleepover friend? - 51

I live in a nice apartment- doorman building.... great location...
but I live here all alone. Wouldn't it be good to have someone to go to bed with at night?
We are so busy living our lives... which is great..and fulfilling...but going to bed alone at night is no fun.

Let's keep each other warm over the winter?

For a second there I was confused and ALMOST thought that this guy was just looking for a regular old fuck buddy. But then I realized that in fact he was looking for a Sleepover Friend, which is sweet and cute and totally nothing at all like having a fuck buddy. In fact, it's kind of romantic. Why can't all guys be as dreamy as this one?

Honestly normal musician 4 a sweet girl. - 29

Hi, just a normal guy looking for someone who's not full figured by any means. I'm a musician, play guitar, drums, bass, keys and sing. I have lots of various interests and I think I'm a great catch. Most girls think the music thing is about drugs, drinking etc. That's not me. Please feel free to drop me a line and ask or tell me anything. Of course, long hair is a plus!

I think that this guy and I could honestly be a perfect love match. Why? Because if asked to describe myself in one sentence fragment or less for use in a personal ad, I'd totally go with "Honestly normal writer 4 a sweet boy." Is that not coincidence or what?! We're totally soulmates. Plus, I totally hate fat dudes, too.

Life is too short so.... - 35

Make as many friends as you can and avoid some of the psychos from the online sites. There is too many weirdos and game players here and on other sites. Its too easy to hide behind the web. Go out and talk to the man who is descent and kind to you. Or you can send me an email.

Goodguy here for chat

Now why hadn't I thought of this myself? All along I've been going out and talking to the man who ISN'T "descent" and kind to me … when all this time I should have been doing just that! Thanks to this apt online observer, I can now enjoy a long Instant Messenger session with a "Goodguy" at last!

girlfriend wanted - 41

I'm a swm, living on the north shore of long island seeking someone any age or race to have fun times with. I enjoy good food, wine, manhatten, quiet times at home and so much more. I'm sweet, caring and will treat you like a princess! so write me and enclose a pic and i will do the same.

Just what I always wanted! To be treated like the princess of "manhatten" by an eloquent Long Islander! And the oh-so-specific "fun times," "quiet times," and "good food" don't sound half bad either. What a sweetie!

Can you trust a kiss?

That moment of connection when lips touch, a connection passionate and playful, exciting and tender, intimate and revealing

I seek to create a lifetime of moments like this with one very special woman.

She's a woman of great heart whose depth of feeling fuels her passion and eroticism.

A woman of beauty who revels in all there is to see and hear and touch and smell and feel in this great world.

A woman of intellect who thinks as deeply as she feels.

Although ageless in appeal, she has lived on this earth from thirty to fifty years.

I will offer this woman my wit, my love and my undying loyalty.

I will share the wisdom I've accrued in my little over two score years of life.

I will shelter her with my six foot frame.

And I will garland her face with kisses always.

Are you the one to share these moments? Please reply with a picture as physical chemistry is important and sets the initial park.

Hopefully together, we'll make each kiss as if it were our first--and we'll do so for the rest of our lives.

Ok, I totally can't even play this game anymore. This guy totally makes me want to shove my fist up his ass.

So-called nice guys. Vomit.


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