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Marching behind a pink banner proclaiming "Expose Bush," the double entendre queens Axis of Eve, who describe themselves as "a coalition of brazen women on a mission to expose and depose


George W. Bush and his shamelessly deceitful administration," took over Battery Park on the stroke of six Thursday night, marching to a militaristic beat in what has to be the sexiest of the RNC protests. Armed with a last minute permit and an array of slogans such as "Weapons of Mass Seduction," "Lick Bush," "Fire Bush," and "Give Bush the finger" on their camouflage, pink, black and red tank tops and panties, the crowd of approximately 100 women marched to a drum beat as the press, who outnumbered the flashers, swarmed in to get a good look at their often skimpy attire.

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Dressed in their signature tees -- along with the occasional topless woman -- and numerous American flag skirts, the camo-clad babes (along with a handful of less colorfully dressed men) led a short walk before chanting sayings such as "Bush - Out of My Bush" and "This is What Democracy Looks Like" while dancing in small groups. The 15-

  minute "media spectacle" utilized traditionally female symbols, from the flowers on the lawn demarcating the bounds of the marchers to the abundance of fishnets and the color pink, as well as the panties they've been selling at anti-war events since April. But with hands on hips and a militaristic marching stride, the Eves also mixed their feminine assets with male imagery, creating a hybrid -- sexy, playful, fierce and fashionable women, far removed from any notion hippie of tie dye, angry images of Bush or other overworked protest imagery.

The crowd of mostly young women looked like their own kind of army as they shook their

  booties, cheering and smiling and simply showing off their coordinated attire, largely meant to speak for itself. Lois Weaver, a Manhattan resident who sported a sign saying "More Fucking, Less Fighting" (as well as "Fuck Bush" panties, a boa, and heart designs over her bare breasts) was happy to strip down, proudly proclaiming  
  this the first protest where she had the chance to take her clothes off for peace. But she didn't take it all off; in fact, none of the protesters got down to their birthday suits or truly exposed their bushes; most even wore their panties over tights of some kind, leaving the true nudity to others. Faux Maux, a 34-year-old Queens resident, did cause a flurry of attention prior to the event when she hiked up her skirt, bared her red-lace clad buttocks and had a friend write "Suck Bush" across her ass. The exhibitionistic protestor was outraged about Bush "taking over our private lives," citing Social Security as a major motivating factor in her activism.


  Asked if they'd be presenting Axis of Eve panties to the Bush Twins, Angel Eve said, "There's some people we know we can't reach," noting that they'd considered sending a pair of their "My Cherry for Kerry" panties, aimed at first-time voters, to Theresa Heinz Kerry. That was the most mention the Democratic nominee got at the event, however; the pro-Kerry sentiment was quiet, with participants mostly  

expressing the desire to get Bush out of office.

While the media hordes occasionally mixed and merged with the marchers once the initial display was over, the crowd was extremely well-behaved, and the mood was highly energetic, with onlookers drowning out the organizers' cheers for a few moments with their own jeer of "Fox News Sucks."

Heather Eve, dressed in a camouflage shirt and black heels decorated with American flag stickers, said that the main point of the event was to "expose Bush's lies. We're not standing back anymore. The last election


was a lie. It's about separating religion from law; that's what our country was founded on." While their sound bite shirts left little room to expand on their ideals, one has to go to their Web site's "lie exposure" section to find out some of the substance behind their claims. In other words, they're probably not going to convince on-the-fence voters simply by saying "Lick Bush," but if the day's mission was about showing that women can organize a protest event


that draws a crowd, and have fun while doing so, the Eves can certainly give themselves a pat on the back (or the bush).

The main issues cited by participants: the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, abortion rights and gay marriage. But, again, the main message seemed to simply be that these women are fed up with George W. Bush. Three students, who found out about the group at events such as the March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C., echoed their desire to "get Bush Out." Tara Tepas, 19, who's served as a "panty packing princess" for the mail order side of the Axis, said the event was fun, even though she'd been worried about possibly


getting arrested. Hawley Hussey, a Sunset Park resident, found out about Axis of Eve when she saw the AmBush exhibit in the meatpacking district and promptly bought herself a set of panties. She wanted to be part of "a positive expression of women in this very difficult time," calling the event "fabulous, sexy and funny."

Eden Eve, a women's studies professor from Pennsylvania and one of the four main organizers of Axis of Eve (a.k.a. their "Minister of Panty Propaganda"), sees humor as a way of bringing in new voters, especially women; more than 20 million women didn't vote in the last Presidential election. She showed her own quick wit when she addressed those wondering whether the event had dispersed or would continue by stating, "We wanted to walk down to the water, but ironically we were hemmed in by the Bushes." Indeed, with as much fanfare as the flash started, it came to a collective fizzle, with foreign and domestic reporters (including CNN and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) zooming in close for the provocative panty messages as individual Eves danced against flag backdrops and showed off some unique homemade slogans (one woman had written "Douche Bush" on herself and her panties).

Asked what her main message to Bush and the RNC is, Eden Eve proclaimed, "We want to get the worm out of the Apple, and we will be licking you in November!"


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