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  Change is a good thing, right? So, if you'll pardon the dust and the intermittent publishing schedule, The Black Table is going to be making a number of important changes in the coming weeks to make the site a better place to waste time.

Behind the scenes, there have been a number of giant-sized changes-everyone got new jobs and moved to new apartments, laptops were stolen and tires were slashed-and so we're taking the rest of the summer to put our house back in order. First off, we're moving the Black List to Wednesday, from Tuesday. Then, you can look for a slight redesign in the coming weeks and even more of those links we've been too lazy to put up.

But to accomplish what we want to publish and what you want to read, The Black Table is going to need your help!

Calling All Interns.

For starters, we're looking for two interns to be at our beck-and-call 24 hours a day, slave away like Malaysian child laborers, and receive nothing in return. (OK, so you'll occasionally get drunk.) Ultimately, we're looking for young journalists who are funny, hungry for clips and experience, and spend assloads of time surfing the Web, completely bored out of their skulls. Fit the bill? If you're interested, please send an email to

Calling All Writers.

If you're sitting there, reading the latest story we put up, and thought to yourself, "Hey, I can do that!" you're not alone. Here's your chance to try. If you came up with a brilliant idea for a story while you were into bong hit number #37 last night, if there's a special someone you've always wanted to interview, if you want to prove that you're more than just some blogger, dammit! -- then drop us a line at We're looking for new talent and new submissions, so tell all your friends, then click here to check out our guidelines and hit us up. Operators are standing by.