back to the Black Table

When celebrities start taking to the airwaves to accuse average Americans of treasonous levels of gluttony, you know there's finally enough hot air being expended over this sport utility vehicle debate to keep Arianna Huffington's ego afloat. But instead of giving any more airtime to millionaire viewpoints, we sought out everyday people, like my dad, to give us more realistic reactions to the whole debate.

Here's what they told us:

"I think that [The Detroit Project] are terrorists because they are trying to affect the economy the same way 9/11 impacted it. I'm obviously taking it to the same extreme they took it to by saying that, but there are more SUVs sold than any other vehicle. What happens to those jobs? What happens to the trade-in value of those SUVs?"-- Al Daulerio, Ambler, Pa., AJ's Dad and owner of a 2001 Ford Explorer

"No, I'm not supporting terrorism. I drive my SUV because it's a safe vehicle to drive. People can cut you off, you know? Anything can happen. And besides, I believe that all Americans support terrorism because we all buy gas. There are probably 10 million other things we do that could support terrorism that I don't know about." -- Connie Lund, Bristol, Conn., owner of a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder

"Let's not forget that in addition to supporting our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and thus making it harder for us to conduct even-handed, effective diplomacy, SUV owners are also supporting highway deaths, planetary environmental disaster, and local pollution." -- Bill Shwartz, San Francisco, not an SUV owner

"Once we started hearing that the Land Cruiser was the vehicle of choice for Osama bin Laden and his cronies, that made it much easier to convince my wife to sell hers. She argued that any car that could survive in Afghanistan was the safest option available. I thought that the presence of paved roads in this country precluded the need to identify with bin Laden on that level." -- Matt Pitzer, Washington D.C., former passenger in a Toyota Land Cruiser

"The beauty of this country is that everyone is able to set up any business they want. Oil just happens to be an easy target. It's like thinking about every decision before you make it. The best way to fight terrorism is removing insane leaders who only represent their own interests and not the country's. And in America, we should start with stricter immigration policies and a tighter watch on non-citizens. How much gas I put in my SUV is the least of the things people should be making a fuss about. For every second somebody protests where we get oil, somebody else slips through security because we can't approach someone who looks like a terrorist. But we can search a grandmother because of civil liberties and random checks? And as far as gas in my SUV, I sleep fine." -- Dmitry Gliot, Los Angeles, Grand Cherokee owner

"There are a lot more things that contributing to terrorism. I don't think me turning in my car is going to stop some whacko from doing something hateful. Tell that Ms. Huffinger (sic) to go frig..." -- Colleen Mastero, South Philadelphia, Pa., owner of a 2002 Ford Explorer

"Huffington has a personal stake in this. That's why she's raising the issue. Her ex-husband used to be in the oil industry, all her money came from oil. I heard that they divorced because he was gay." -- Jay Dolata, Detroit, Mich., passenger