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Dave Cummings is a 61-year old former U.S. Army officer and mortgage broker turned pornographic film actor. Star of such films like Sex Fun (Vol. 1-8), Knee Pad Nymphos (Vol. 1-2), Anal Anarchy, and Screw My Wife Please (Vol. 6-19), Cummings is widely regarded as the John Glenn of the adult film industry.

He has acted in hundreds of films and has a significant fan-following both in the U.S. and overseas. Before his adult film career, Mr. Cummings served over 25 years as an officer in the U.S. Military, including tours in Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, retiring as an Army Lieutenant Colonel.

Just because we feel all viewpoints should get equal time, the Black Table has been chatting to Mr. Cummings, getting the porn perspective on the latest geopolitical events.

TBT: As a former military man, how do you feel the United States handled things over in Afghanistan?

DC: I think it went as well as can be expected, given the terrain, environment, and the culture over there. Plus the fact that the bad guys weren't easily spotted. We had a similar situation in Vietnam. Some of the Viet-Cong were the same as the people on the street. It was hard to tell them apart.

Bottom line is -- I'm very happy that George W. Bush is President. Although, I do think the U.S. maybe stretching the troops a little bit in keeping them away from their families and loved ones for too long. At the same time, I sense that their morale is very high, that they see a very good purpose to what they're doing.

TBT: Did it upset you when people spoke out against the war on Afghanistan?

DC: I feel those people are entitled to their opinions. They might come up with something somebody hasn't thought of. Personally I am totally in favor of pursuing those unpopular opinions. I welcome those comments. It's called the First Amendment.

TBT: Do you feel your military training has helped you at all in humping all these women?

DC: No, not directly in the "humping" aspect, but certainly in the sense of being gentlemanly with them, and respectful of them! Also, my reputation as someone who shows up for time, is well prepared, follows directions and accomplishes the mission has its bedrock in the character I developed while in the military. Perhaps there's also some military training benefit innate within my performing when the girls and I are having to do "it" in arduous locations, other than a comfortable bed, and trying to hump on rocks, pianos, tables, bars, floors, roads, fields or in cars, restaurants, elevators, port-a-potties, boats…

TBT: Do you think you would feel differently if you were still on active duty or were you always so tolerant?

DC: Even way back in Vietnam, I thought that way. I'm a conservative guy and my parents are Republicans. I'm a registered Republican. But I understand that other people's opinions count just as much as mine. I've always felt that way and I think a lot of the military feels that way

When I was an officer in the Army, if my NCOS didn't like a decision I made, I wanted them to come to me and appeal it. You can learn so much from people who disagree with you. You can hear something you maybe hadn't thought about. But I don't consider it tolerance, I consider it knowledge gathering.

TBT: Very interesting. Do you dye your pubic hair?

DC: No, I do not. However, from time to time, I do trim them a little so as to let the camera have a clear close-up view of the action -- viewers want to see the penis sliding or slamming or inserting into a vagina -- they don't want it obstructed by a bunch of pubic hair!

TBT: President Bush made reference to Iran, Iraq, and North Korea as an "Axis of Evil". Do you think that was inappropriate?

DC: No. I think it was very necessary. President Bush needed to alert the American people. He needed to America know it's something that our government is thinking about. Plus, I think its something the vast majority of Americans want to go forward with. Also, I think it might scare some people over there. It lets them know we're thinking about it. Let them know that we're looking at them. The world better stand up and take notice, that the good people aren't going to stand up and say hit me again, it's okay; we won't hit you back. There are a lot of people who don't like being bullied by fanatics.

TBT: Have you ever had to do one of those sex scenes where the girl jams something up your ass, like her fingers, or some cough-drops, or flashlights?

DC: No! I do not do, or allow, anything to be done on film that I don't also allow in my own personal sexual life. What you seem to be addressing is radical stuff, which reputable folks like me will not tolerate or allow. Likewise, I will not be a party to doing anything radical to a girl -- I will walk off the set!

TBT: Do you have any solutions about how the government can prevent some of these terrorist cells from coming into this country?

DC: I think we have been overly tolerant and accepting. There is a problem with our immigration policy. There are many ways to do that. I would strongly favor increased immigration policies. I also think we need better control of our borders. I don't want to be isolationist, but we also have to be more careful of who comes in temporarily, be it students, tourists, or other visitors. I think we have to be a little more observant and take a good look at what's already here. I certainly don't want the government to be overly controlling, but I want them to protect me and my kids, and grandkids.

TBT: If you were called into active duty today, would you have sex with any of the repressed Afghani women?

DC: No, I would not! My sense of responsibility towards being a good representative of America and the U.S. military would keep me from being even the least bit tempted. Rather than give them my "sausage", I would instead give them some of my rations, a blanket, water, etc.

TBT: What do you believe is a more pressing issue: Iraq, or North Korea?

DC: I believe Iraq is presently the more pressing issue; once resolved, North Korea can and should receive more direct attention. Neither seem to be much of a military threat --our capabilities will easily overwhelm both of them.

TBT: Many of our readers are young. Do you believe the U.S. would ever consider reinstating the draft?

DC: Reinstating the draft seems unnecessary and unwise to me. Our military "productivity" and weapons technologies are such that we can now do much more with far less manpower.

TBT: Many have postulated that the United States military is too cumbersome and unwieldy a force to appropriately fight this new kind of war. Do you agree?

DC: I disagree with such postulations. On the contrary, the advances in intelligence gathering and processing along with computer assistance and weapons technologies make our present forces efficient and effective.

TBT: And who would you rather have sex with? An Iraqi woman or a North Korean?

DC: If I were forced to select, I would opt for a North Korean woman, but I have not previously had sex with either of them before.


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