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Our demented baby robot has lurched through another three months, in which an entire "war" against Iraq came and went, publishing another 100 or so stories over a wide array of topics, including ovarian cysts, the best summer beach chairs and Maer Roshan. (The ones all y'all liked best are published right over there on the right.)



But with 200 stories floating around now, we needed to do something about our archiving system, which was to throw our stories into a big heap, like the sock bin at a Salvation Army. And while The Black Table was cleaning up the house, we decided to tidy up the bottom toolbar a bit, adding new options.

To celebrate our first half-year of life, The Black Table would like to present some new things. Here's a look at what's new:

A Picture Archive. -- Instead of looking up words, or perusing a list of stories, we allow you a no-words, all-visual approach to the archive. It's like a choose your own adventure book. Your mission: Fun.

The Ability to Search. -- But, if words *are* your thing, we now support a small measure of site searchability for you word-lovin' maniacs. The old archive has migrated over here, too, so if you like the ol' "sock draw" archive, then feel free to sift through it all.

The Life as a Loser Experience. -- After four-and-a-half years and 160-plus entries, Will Leitch's long-running Life as a Loser column gets The Black Table treatment. Going through these from the beginning can kill a whole week of work. Think about it.

Submissions Info. -- The Black Table loves submissions, but it's very hard to pin down exactly what we like. We give it the ol' college try, but in the end, The Black Table kinda likes what it likes.

And because we're such fun-loving social folk, The Black Table is throwing a small bender at the Nolita Lounge on Saturday night, July 12, to celebrate the fact we're six months old. Early birds can smoke and chat in one of the city's few smoke rooms while late-comers can either dance to the rap jams upstairs or take a whirl at karaoke downstairs.



You are very much invited to come.

A special thank you to all the writers who were paid nothing. And as always, thank you for supporting The Black Table's ongoing transformation into a real live boy. See you in September.





Eric Gillin is the editor-in-chief of the Black Table. Of all the things he does, he likes writing editor's letters the least.