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Five years ago, Christina Aguilera was normal. Some skinny teenager from Pittsburgh who didn't have a hit single, a fashion stylist or a reputation and no one cared who she was or what she looked like.

All that's changed.

As the photos you're about to see will show, Aguilera's career, paycheck and ego haven't been the only things to get bigger. In the last couple months, she seems to have put on a bit of weight. And when you're five-feet tall and half-naked all the time, it kinda shows.



See the evolution of Christina Aguilera the Icon, for yourself, and it's rather clear. It's funny in a schadenfreude kind of way, but once you stifle that snicker, if you really think about it, all she did was get average looking. She looks more like us than herself these days.


By the end of 1999, the teeny pop juggernaut had notched a hit single with the catchy "Genie in a Bottle," and was considered the most talented singer in that year's bumper crop of Britneys, which included a still-blonde Mandy Moore and the still-boring Jessica Simpson. As the single hit number one, the press fawned over


Aguilera, who was compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.

No, she wasn't as rail thin or fashionable then, but she had that girl next door vibe that you know mom would have appreciated, with just enough to make dad raise an eyebrow and wish he was a kid again.


She was the girl you wanted to take to the high school prom and still seemed approachable -- an accidental superstar.

Gradually, Aguilera began wearing skimpier clothing, but no matter how much she showed, it was rather clear that she didn't feel the need to have six pack abs and admittedly avoided the gym,

telling interviewers that she had no workout regimen.

While Britney Spears overcompensated for her lack of talent by hitting the gym, Aguilera shook what she had and sang the hell out of her songs. She was still a normal girl, albeit one who spent too much time in the slutty stores at the mall, but the look wasn't totally unrealistic. Real girls who were 19 looked like that.

But then, as the heat from her first

  album began to cool a bit, Aguilera went to war with Britney to take her throne as the reigning pop princess. And as this happened, her body changed.  


The baby fat melted off and Aguilera, who was never buff, became angular, lean and hard. By the time she made it to the 2000 Grammy Awards, she was literally a shadow, or perhaps even a wraith, of her former self.

She took home


the Grammy, of course, then played up her Latin roots in a Spanish-version of her hit record, then followed that up with a Christmas album that still sold well. But as thin as she appeared, Aguilera was rather open about the fact she ate. A lot.

In an interview with Seventeen magazine from May of 2000, Aguilera passed up the healthy lunch they were serving and asked for a


Starbucks Caffe Mocha, a Wendy's taco salad, some Chicken McNuggets, two large fries, a chocolate shake and two slices of pizza. In a now-infamous quote, she told an editor: "I always had this fantasy of working in a fast-food drive-thru for the summer. It seems like a cool job." Later, in an interview with InStyle magazine, she admitted, "I'm a fast-food junkie."

Perhaps, like many teens, the combination of a faster-than-usual metabolism and her grueling dance workouts kept the weight off, because it was her sticklike form that drew the attention, especially when compared to the thickening of Britney. Remember that? When Britney's sudden jump in cup size triggered a national debate?



But after a lengthy break, Aguilera returned with a new record called "Dirrty" and a new look that she said better reflected who she was. And apparently, Rob Zombie had a


definite impact on Christina, who began taking fashion cues from streetwalkers and Alexander McQueen. Our girl next door moved into the Bunny Ranch and went from diva to skeezer overnight.

Even with the look, Aguilera's love of the junk didn't appear to wane.


Her concert rider still included demands for loads of Coca-Cola and chicken and bacon sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. But staying rail thin and extra freaky-deeky takes a lot of effort, so by the time Aguilera entered 2003, the weight began to pile on.

Sometime around January of 2003, the issue became so weighty that Aguilera sought help from Los Angeles trainer to the stars, Ashley Borden. As USA Today reported, Borden's biggest challenge was to


get Aguilera to kick junk food.

"Christina is a confessed fast-food junkie," she told the paper. "So I had to wean her off and not have it be so harsh. Commit to having one meal a week be your fast- food meal. With her, it was (one) a day."

And just like a regular girl who gains a bit of weight, those two piece outfits were shelved in favor of some more coverage. Christina made shockwaves with this Jeremy Scott couture dress


and super de-duper blonde hair. In this photo from April 3, Christina's face has never looked prettier, while the rest of her has never looked so large.

And so pink.



By the time Christina rolled into the GLAAD Awards on April 26 -- just a week back or so -- to accept an


award for her "Beautiful" video, her big problem became noticeable.

And it's somewhat shocking to see Aguilera hang out of her pants when it's unintentional.



Let's get real.

In the world of normal, un-famous people, Christina Aguilera would not really be considered fat. But Aguilera doesn't come from the world of normal people, she comes from the super competitive world of pop music, where looking normal means you're not doing your job right.

Five years ago, Christina Aguilera could be normal. Now, normal just ain't good enough.