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A few weeks back, The Black Table prominently featured a link to, a Website where young girls are photographed in various stages of undress, in poses that might make some adults somewhat uncomfortable. At the time, this was our precise reason for highlighting the site. Readers complained that were implicitly supporting kiddie porn and we promptly pulled down the link. Hrmm. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't exactly clear why existed or who, exactly, they aimed to please.

After a quick investigation, we discovered that WebeWeb, a Florida-based Web hosting and Web design provider whose motto is "connecting you with a world of opportunity," was behind the site. We interviewed someone at WebeWeb, who wished to remain anonymous, to find out what world of opportunity was offered in publishing pictures of 13-year-olds bending over in lingerie.

CSM: WebeWeb.

BT: Hi, I'm looking to talk to someone who is in charge of the site.

CSM: What can I do for you?

BT: My name is Eric Gillin and I'm a reporter from a Website called The Black Table. And, uh, we linked to your site yesterday and got some letters from readers asking us if we were linking to child pornography or not. I was trying to figure out, actually, what the purpose of a site like your was. It looks like you link off to some questionable content.

CSM: Well, as far as we're concerned none of them are questionable and it's definitely not child porn. That's for sure.

BT: Uh. Why not? There are pictures of 12 year olds …

CSM: Do you know what child porn is?

BT: Not technically, but I believe it's nudity of people who are under 18 that's been published.

CSM: Even if it was, which it's not technically, even if it was, there is no nudity so it wouldn't be child porn under your definition. But that's not really what child porn is anyhow.

BT: What is the definition of child porn, then?

CSM: It's listed if you go to, uh. There's a site that has all the constitutional laws on it, I think Cornell University has it and they have the actual legal definition if you want to go see and do a search on it. I'm sure you can find it.

BT: What is the purpose of your site? That's one of the bigger problems people encountered. I think that's why people are so upset?

CSM: A problem? What do you mean by a problem?

BT: Some people accused us of supporting child porn for linking to the site…

CSM: Oh, I saw your link and I didn't think your link was any big deal. If anything you certainly weren't supporting it. We saw the comments that were made on it.

BT: Okay, but in terms of why the site exists. Who are you catering to?

CSM: We cater to Internet users. People that have computers that are on the Internet. That is who we cater to. Just like anyone else. Just like you guys and your site. You cater to Internet users.

BT: Right.

CSM: It's as simple as that.

BT: What purpose does showing underage girls in… I mean. Some of these poses are pretty sexual.

CSM: Well, that's your interpretation, I suppose. I've seen all the pictures. I don't find them sexual. So, there's no purpose. There doesn't have to be a purpose. Not everything needs to have a purpose. I wouldn't say that your site has a purpose.

BT: I would. We're a provider of news and entertainment, mostly.

CSM: But that's not a purpose that's necessary. There's no real purposes to anything if you ask me. But that's just me. That's just my opinion.

BT: Who provides these photos?

CSM: Photographers.

BT: Photographers. I mean, is this like an extension of the whole Jon Benet Ramsey phenomenon? I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand.

CSM: Yeah, but, see when you make comments like that, which I saw was listed on your thing, what could these sites have to do with Jon Benet Ramsey? Why don't you answer that one? That was kind of out there.

BT: Well, Jon Benet Ramsey was dolled up like a little model.

CSM: She did pageants.

BT: Is there a substantial difference?

CSM: Well she did pageants. She didn't have a Website did she?

BT: Well, no.

CSM: So then I don't think there's a connection between the two. And certainly there's no connection between doing a Website and the murder of a child. That's kind of an extreme case, don't you think?

BT: We're not accusing you of murder.

CSM: Oh, I know that! But when you say, look Jon Benet Ramsey, blah blah blah, check out this Website, you're obviously trying to make some kind of connection that doesn't exist between a child's murder and a Website. That's pretty ridiculous, don't you think? Obviously not. Someone put it there. I mean, it makes for good reading. It gets people's attention.

BT: In both cases, I believe the similarities are there. You've got young girls dressed up like adults.

CSM: Yeah but then you'd have to make the connection that she was murdered because she was dressed up. When children get murdered when they're not dressed up or in pageants or on Websites or anything else. So to make a connection -- that's out there if you ask me.

BT: I'm sorry. I never caught your name.

CSM: I'm nameless.

BT: Nameless?

CSM: Yes.

BT: Do you run the site?

CSM: Uh. My job description is undefined. I'm nameless and undefined. I'm just talking to you as a courtesy. Usually we don't talk to people about this when they have questions that are kind of, you know, in that vein.

BT: So you have a lot of people calling up?

CSM: No, no. Not for years. That's old story. That's old school stuff.

BT: You've been around since when, 2000?

CSM: No, longer than that.

BT: The ChildSuperModels site?

CSM: The Child site, uhhh, probably before then. 1999.

BT: Do you run other sites like ChildSuperModels, in that vein?

CSM: That, you mean with under 18 models? Or younger teen models, I would say? No, that's the only one.

BT: How old are these girls that are on the site? They look like they're 10 or 12.

CSM: Some are actually 17 or 16, some sites we have have 30 year old models.

BT: Do you own the other child model sites you link off to underneath?

CSM: No, no we don't.

BT: Do you generate money off the ChildSuperModels site?

CSM: Of course there's money generated from the Websites. That's kind of the business of putting up Websites, whether they're this or anything else, is to generate money. That's what businesses do. If we didn't have an income from these sites it wouldn't be worth the effort to produce modeling sites whether they're 10 years old or 30 years old. That's the whole point of the business.

BT: Are you at all concerned about the charge that was kind of leveled at us, that you're catering to the needs of a pedophile or child pornographer?

CSM: That you cater?

BT: No, that ChildSuperModels caters to them.

CSM: No. Do we care about people that say that? Is that what your question was?

BT: No, I mean, are you concerned about that.

CSM: Are we concerned that we might cater to people out there that are basically pedophiles? No. That would be like asking the Olsen twins if they cater to pedophiles because obviously pedophiles are going to like them or any other child actor, model, or what have you. You do realize that a lot of these fashion models that are so-called legitimate models are in the 14, 15, 16-year-old range?

BT: So there's no fundamental difference.

CSM: No, we don't think so. Except for the fact they're on an Internet site instead of the ads for jeans or what have you. And if people don't realize that a lot of these models are under 18, then they're not informed.

BT: Okay then. So, what should we say to people who are outraged by what we linked to on your site?

CSM: I don't know. That's for you to decide, I guess. I couldn't tell you what to say.

BT: What do you say to people when they get upset and in your face?

CSM: I say you are entitled to your opinion. That's what I tell people. They're absolutely entitled to their opinion. If they're upset about it, they're upset about it. People get upset about other things too and they're entitled to their opinion about that. People are upset that we're in Iraq. Some people think it's great we're in Iraq. Everyone's entitled to their opinion in this country. I mean, that's one of our fundamental rights, don't you think? I mean, you guys on your Website give opinions.

BT: Yep. All the time.

CSM: So. You know. If it creates controversy, that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. If you do everything for people not to create controversy this world would be boring.

BT: All of those images you link to and show are done with the permission of parents?

CSM: Oh, of course. It would be silly if it wasn't. I mean, obviously, if anyone is involved in this it is certainly the parents of the models.

BT: So parents approve of the way these kids are posing, what they're wearing, how they're shot?

CSM: What they're wearing, how they're shot is normal to some people. Some of these …

BT: That's mindblowing! Some of the stuff I saw on there…

CSM: You want to know something? You want to know something? Some of these models, nudity to them wouldn't be a big deal.

BT: For the kids?!

CSM: Because some people are actually nudists. Some people live in areas where nudity isn't a big deal to them. If we have a European model and she's from Italy or somewhere where going to the beach topless is no big deal or being totally nude is no big deal, it's natural to them. That's what most people don't understand. The people who are upset by this -- not everyone lives their lifestyle. And that's just the fact. Whether they approve of the outfits or the posing or how the girls like to emulate the models, you know, that's their opinion and they're entitled to it. Why would I have a problem with someone being upset about this? I certainly don't. And I don't have a problem with people liking to look at them, because that's their right too. You know there's more than just one thought on this. Obviously, you guys choose to take one thought and you know, you're listening to the people who don't like it…

BT: Well, uh …

CSM: Have you seen what's actually out there on the Internet with children in it?

BT: No, I …

CSM: To even say this is even close to what is child porn on the Internet is really ignorant because child porn, which is easy to find on the Internet, isn't similar in context to this stuff at all.

BT: It strikes me that maybe you're soft-core child porn.

CSM: Whatever that means.

BT: Like the equivalent of a Cinemax movie late at night where they don't show penetration or nudity.

CSM: Well, a Cinemax movie late at night they definitely show nudity, they might not show penetration but that's what makes it soft-core, not just making out or kissing. Heck, if you want to see that you can go to a movie theater on the weekend and see kids doing that. If you think about it. That's true.

BT: Hrm. Right. Like the movie Thirteen.

CSM: I'm not talking about in cinema. I'm talking about in the audience.

BT: Oh.

CSM: If you want to think about that.