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Three years ago, we launched The Black Table from a cluttered living room in the Lower East Side as a way to relieve the soul-crushing, spirit-killing boredom that comes when you spend 10 hours a day in a cubicle. We needed an outlet for our stupid ideas, a place to put our attempts at journalism, so we created one, updating daily and pulling in our friends to write for nothing.

Three years later, we've surpassed our wildest expectations, publishing nearly 1,000 stories from 200 different authors, none of which were paid a single cent. (And that is, of course, because The Black Table never made a single cent, nor really attempted to.) While The Black Table certainly did our share of work, the simple fact is that we would not be here today without the hard work of hundreds and hundreds of readers who also sent in their stupid ideas and attempts at journalism.

And so it's with a heavy heart that we thank you all for your support and announce that in three weeks, on Friday January 27, we will no longer be updating the site. In keeping with tradition, we will be throwing a drunken bacchanalia that same day [click here for details] and we implore you all to come to say hello to us and, sadly, goodbye as well.

Thank you for reading The Black Table and supporting our mission. Thank you for sending in your articles and letting us publish them. We'll see you around.