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We're not collecting your information, selling your information or all that interested in your information. We're not renting your information to anyone else, looking at your information and cracking wise or using information we accidentally recieve to oppress the peoples of Earth.

We do check our IP logs to see where all y'all are coming from, but that doesn't tell us squat about who you are. And really, The Black Table's not entirely sure that our traffic tracker works all that well.

Basically, we do not care about your information. Sorry, I mean, The Black Table is extremely happy you showed up today and clicked on our stories and stuff, but we just don't care what tax bracket you're in.

We don't sell ads. We don't know any advertisers. And to be honest, we're just as annoyed with spam and pop up ads and all that crap as you are. Not that we'd know what to do with your information even if you gave it to us, but we're keeping your shit private anyway.

If we place a cookie in your browser, that's news to us. We don't even know how to do that yet.

You can surf without fear, people.