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Craig's List is an online free bulletin board where anyone can post classified ads of nearly any kind. There are Craig's Lists, or CL's, for most large cities, featuring helpful ads for things like housing, jobs, items for sale, personals and, most entertainingly, Missed Connections and Casual Encounters.

These last two, despite their ostensibly practical purposes, have devolved into a free-for-all where rumors are spread, bad poetry is written, battles are won and lost, and hearts are broken, all for our entertainment. The Week In Craig is your guide to the most fascinating accidental literary magazine on the web.


This week on Craig's List: Cowboy Jacob rides into town!

(Note: this week's Week In Craig is abbreviated due to illness and a disconcerting dearth of interesting posts.)

The Missed Connections board has a new personality -- Cowboy Jacob. It all started with this post.

"I was at Copacabana last night for the salsa dancing, but I made my way to the regular dance room for a little while too. I saw you in the main dance room.

Here is what I look like.

And this one.

saw you in my subway car this morning. We briefly caught each others eyes and I thought you were absolutely beautiful.

This is me. (The reason I am in the cowboy outfit in some of the pics has to do with my appearance on TV this week)."

Someone quickly responded, calling the Cowboy out on his multiple posts: "Are you a nut job? Or just totally desperate? Cause just today I must have seen like three ads that you have posted..."

This led to more ridicule, some friendly advice, overuse of internet acronyms, a Cowboy Jacob television sighting, a post from a former CJ stalkee, and a fan club.

We've seen his multiple posts, and pictures, and TV spot, and frankly we think its fun following the Cowboy Jacob trail...

Finally, the Cowboy himself responds.

"A friend just emailed me to tell me that I was the subject of an unusual discussion here.

In the past, whenever I posted something to CraigsList, I always included my email address so people could contact me directly without going through the anonymous emailing system here. The person who posted the ad here earlier using my name and my pics didn't do that - it wasn't me. Nice try though.

Even Sherlock Holmes would have to admire the detective work done here! I appreciate the attention, the compliments, and the fan club. This is all very funny!"

And a few posts later, this.

"Jacob, yes the now famous "cowboy Jacob" and I have a date tonight, and he has been really cool to me so far, so rock on cowboy Jacob fans."

Awwww, everyone loves a happy ending. Maybe Jacob and this chick will ride off into the sunset together…

Until then, get your "I Fucked Cowboy Jacob" t-shirt here.




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Casual Encounters:

People with herpes, brains, looks…spellcheck.

Let's pray this isn't the new Macarena.

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Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England.


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